Fish-like autosuggestions in eshell

    Update: company-eshell-autosuggest is now a package on melpa! I’ve been moving over to Emacs eshell from zsh, inspired in part by a reddit post by Pierre Neidhardt and re-motivated by an excellent video by Howard Abrams. One thing I missed from zsh was fish-like history autosuggestions, which “suggest” a previous shell command based on your current input. I thought company-mode could be repurposed to provide such autosuggestions, since its front end is pretty similar to what I wanted and you get the completion framework for free. Read more →

    Why I use Dvorak

    You might have heard of the Dvorak keyboard layout a couple times. You may have heard someone prattle on about how much more efficent it is and bla bla bla- seriously, nobody cares about your keyboard layout, dude. And I sympathize. I warn you this post may begin to sound like that towards the end. Instead of prattling, however, I’ll try to just share my experience and let you come up with our own thoughts on the matter. Read more →

    Trying out Iosevka font

    I’ve been using the Input font for a while now, and I was pretty sure I had found my ultimate font. It’s really neat and consistent (the boxy-ness grows on you), and very customizable. However, I was recently browsing this thread on the Emacs subreddit in which someone mentioned Iosevka as their preferred font. On first impression I sort of just brushed it away, but when I went back and looked at it, I realized it had similar customizability to Input and was open source. Read more →

    Freeing my shell of configuration frameworks

    I use zsh. I used to use bash, but I saw many people talk about zsh and how much better it is. It was kind of scary to switch to something I was unfamiliar with and I had bash “just how I wanted it.” If this sounds familiar, just do it. Try zsh. I love it. This won’t be a post about that, though. For a quick overview about why zsh, check out this answer on Quora. Read more →

    Setting up the blog

    Getting Started Inspired by this blog created using Jekyll and Github Pages, I set out to make my own. I had no idea how website hosting worked (I still pretty much don’t), but I was pretty familiar with github, so this seemed like minimal-setup way to get a site up and running. A couple of failed attempts later, and without much time on my hands, it was clear I was missing something or this method involved a little more tinkering than I was willing to put into it. Read more →

    Hello, world

    Hey there. Maybe it’s about time I got this site up and running. I’ve got some ideas for posts, but I’ve yet to master even running this blog without messing everything up, so let’s try a quick test post. Things I do I’m an Aeropsace Engineering student, though I probably won’t talk about that much here. In my spare time, I like to mess around with Python, Emacs, and the command line. Read more →